Various Geosynthetics and Other Biodegradable Products Used In Construction……


As Manufacturers and Promoters of sustainable Geosystems, We enjoy supporting the protection of precious life and property from the vagaries of nature keeping in view of the ever-increasing need to safeguard our earth for future generations.

Geo-systems are used for various applications in civil,environmental and other engineering applications.Geo-systems facilitates sustainable #construction by reducing the use of natural materials like aggregates, sands and rocks etc.

Let us take a quick look at some products that are manufactured by us and our associates and the particular applications..

Woven geotextiles:-
Used for a variety of applications in civil engineering as well as environmental engineering-related works. We manufacture 5.0m wide woven PPMF/PET geotextile starting from 130 gsm.

Used in reinforced earth walls(RE Walls) , or as a soil reinforcement elements in infrastructure projects .Available in uni-axial grids from 40 kn to 300 Kn and bi-axial from 20 to 80 Kn.


Used for landfill engineering applications,pond lining as well as creating an impervious layer.Geo-membranes are available from 250 to 1500 micron.

Non-woven Geo-textiles:
Used for filtration, separation and sub base strengthening to name a few. Again this can be manufactured on a variety of gsms and thicknesses depending upon your requirements………

Geosynthetic systems such as tubular structures, Geo-bags and Geo-containers :

These are systems tailor made for various coastal protection and flood control applications.

Sustainable/biodegradable coir geotextiles : — -

Also manufactured as per your requirements and these coir products are biodegradable and support go-green initiatives.

These are some of the applications of Geo-systems.(In fact the applications of Geosynthetics in civil engineering being a vast topic only an attempt to touch the very basic aspect is made here.)

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