That Single Tip For Class Of 2021?


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While the current scenario across the globe has resulted in a difficult situation for the class of 2021, I would like to think that despite all these turmoils across the globe, you all would come up as more resilient and successful at the end of the day!

While only time can prove that this statement will be correct, I have my own reasons to think so, and I would elaborate on that.

Unlike the previous batches (When we had our “Old Normal”), you are not spoiled! By the number of excessive choices and opportunities earlier…in the “New Normal.”

Many among you would probably find it a little more difficult to land up in the first dream job(unlike the previous batches). Still, the same imbroglio would result in more brainstorming/scanning of the environment for better opportunities. Many would like to continue with their higher studies/research resulting in opening new avenues. More people taking to “listening to the heart” and following the passion and not going in for the herd mentality is another occurrence.

In all these situations, you all are more likely to be much more rational than ever! While looking for that elusive “opportunities” resulting in better dividends for you all overall.

Like the adage, “Adversity is the prosperity of the brave,” the situation and circumstances would definitely make you all think and act very wisely. This aspect of the “learning” that has happened very early in your career will take you all too many places! (or opportunities that you would have never explored otherwise).

While initially some of you might be a bit desperate, the fact of the reality would make at least many among you think out of the box. “Necessity is the mother of the innovation,” they say, and many among you will have your thinking hats in place trying to figure out the “new normal” in the better manner again, resulting in emerging of greener pastures(or better ways to look at work from different perspectives).

I believe this would result in more start-ups, and since these are the start-ups that would start in such a challenging circumstance, at least the success rate will be better than ever before!

Even beyond that, I have reasons to assume that this very “challenge” would also result in some future unicorns where the batch of 2021 would be responsible for spinning it off or spearheading that throughout the box thinking.

Given the background of the situation and the opportunities that would arise from the circumstances, nothing is more relevant now than the adage. “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” Handle every challenge that comes in your way with enthusiasm since I know now that these things make one strong. “Find strength through every struggle in your life.”

So, What could be the most important and useful tip?

With faith and courage follow your heart and intuition. You all are going to be more resilient and much more successful over a period of time. This is just a temporary phase that probably may appear to be a little more difficult than the “normal” period to some of you. The “new normal” would bring in the best in everyone.

May God give you all the strength and courage to make the right decisions and cope with the demanding situations of life and come out successfully in these trying times.

Wishing you all the very best in your professional as well as personal life. Good luck!

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