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Give Credit To The Team and Take Responsibility For Failures

That Single Most Important Tip That My Mentor Told Me Back Then….

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I worked with one of the reputed groups based out of Muscat in the 1995–2001 period. The management of the group had recruited in the year 1997 some competent senior-level professionals from India to help them with the growth of their diversified organization, in a very ambitious expansion plan. That is how PSN Sir entered as the head of operations for our entire division.

His immense patience, exemplary skills, coupled with the quality to lead from the front, made him different right from the very beginning. From day one, his focus was on creating and nurturing relationships and helping wherever possible.

He believed in giving meaningful direction that resulted in positive changes for everyone around him.

At that point in time, the organization really had its fair share of chaos and “difficulties,” and strictly speaking, things were not really going that great. But what made me admire this thorough gentleman is his immense patience to sort out things for the benefit of all.

He stood out from the rest in his ability to list things clearly apart from his attitude to be with his juniors while the most difficult part of the work was still going on (often sacrificing his personal time). Like a true leader, he believed in the concept that “the buck stops here” and often ended up taking the blame whenever things didn’t work as expected.

Quite impressive was his approach, and that made an indelible impression in the minds of many among us.

Yes, He was always the most preferred go-to person for many. He would make sure everyone worked well, and the management was also kept happy. Work was never dumped on someone just like that. He always cared to support his team members and stood by them through thick and thin, safeguarding.

As a young engineer in the early stages of my career, my respect for him soon multiplied. Though the professional turn and changes that both of us took didn’t allow us to work for a longer period together, he still created an everlasting impression that resulted in getting in touch with each other from then on and continuously. And that is how I got my mentor……….He continued to be my friend, philosopher, and guide, and above all, my mentor and guru whom I would always check upon whenever I felt rudderless. While in doubt or an extremely difficult situation, he always guided me in the best possible manner, and I did have many such:))))))

His support, guidance’s and above all, cautionary words of wisdom as a mentor always put me in good stead…..His thoughtful ways, helpful manners, and caring nature have touched the lives of many… The fact that I learned much later. Here is the most important tip that I received in my working life, and it is my pleasure to share it with you all.

“As a leader you should continue to provide encouragement, recognition, and gratitude for effort and results at every possible opportunity so that your team remains in the best mood at all points of time and always remember the fact that ,People may hear your words but they feel your attitude”

Photo of my Mentor/Shri PSN

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