No One Told Me This Crucial Tip For Success — — -

Long, long ago, I was trying to relocate to India to be near my ailing mother. So I attended this Interview during my annual leave travel to India.

Working abroad and with all those International exposures I was a confident youngster! …… And with that, I walked into the spacious board room where the Interview was being conducted……

Hardly I was settled in my seat with my bag placing on the ground, ready to answer a typical…………….. “Tell me about yourself?”……….. Followed by “What is your greatest strength”? ………..

Quickly came the question from the lady who was also heading the interview board “Who inspires you?”….. I was about to ask her… Error…” Madam, You mean to say….. Who inspired me to come down here ?”…..

— — But then while allowing the saliva to go in and take my breath out I remembered this is something I have to answer……. I was at my wit’s end. …. (And remember! In those day’s we were totally in dark without Influencers sharing those “secrets” to handle this kind of a situation !!!…..)

While this thinking was going on in my mind in that fraction of seconds quickly came the question again a bit louder this time…. Who inspires you?…

…… And this time shaking me a bit from my seat……. I hated myself for thinking of relocating back to India. It is great to work in the Middle East. Quality of life is good. Roads are good. Petrol is cheaper. Everything is good. Then why am I here? Ok. I have a reason! That I recollected.

I started answering the question… I started talking about my elder brother, elder to me by several years. My elder brother. He is someone who has seen both sides of life. Still, he is so matured that I have hardly seen him getting agitated……. He is generally a very satisfied individual who could absorb the “shocks of life” without getting hurt beyond a certain level. He maintained his calm in the most turbulent times. Complaining he is not used to doing! So we never used to know what he was going through several times. He had this innate quality to adjust to the situation and surroundings.

He possessed a very unique management strategy to adjust to adverse conditions and watching him I learned several life hacks and tips, but the most crucial and the important single tip from all those learning that I had, I will share with you all here.

He used to tell me that the hard knocks of life are the best teacher, every day, life brings in new lessons for us to understand, comprehend, and learn from it.

He was still a student when we lost my father and I was just a tiny kid. This meant a huge responsibility for him and my mother all of a sudden out of the blue. How my brother and mother handled those challenges and made sure that the family came out of those difficult situations is a story I have already shared. He completed his degree in Physics followed by a degree in education that qualified him as a science teacher. Soon got into a job and started supporting the family. Urge to study more ended him up with the Law College, where he opted to study Law in the evening as a part-time student. During the day he continued to work and earn for supporting the entire family, attended the demanding law course in the evening, and burnt the midnight oil to study.

I was told that most of the time he has to keep himself awake till the wee hours of the morning to complete the coursework and assignments before taking a short nap to proceed to work.

He graduated in Law and soon started practicing as a “Lawyer”. But that was a different ball game altogether. I remember him telling me later that to succeed in that life “may be one needed to be a little different, I am not cut out for that”.

But then at a very young age immediately after starting practicing he also got selected to work in a coveted position with the government of Kerala based on his degree in Law.

Things started changing fast. People started observing him for his honesty and above all everyone liked the way he executed his responsibilities which needed a lot of courage and determination. He was not scared of taking action against those who were not following the norms and adhering to the law though we were even threatened at times……. Well, if I have to talk about my elder brother it would be going on and on…

And the most important lesson {tip} that I learned from him…

There is no substitute for hard work. Your hard work defines your success. Luck favors only those who make use of the available resources. Only those who are inclined to put to best use whatever is available to harness for a better future can COME UP successfully in the long run.

Me and My Brother.



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