Every one of us can contribute to kindness and make the world a better place to live.

I spent the years between 1995 to 2001 working for one of the leading companies in Muscat.

In 1997, the group’s management hired several highly qualified top professionals from India to help grow their diversified business as part of an incredibly ambitious expansion plan.

As a result, Suku Nambiar Sir became the head of operations. (We used to fondly call him PSN Ji)

From the beginning, he stood out for his exceptional patience, leadership abilities, and capability to take the initiative.

His priority was always to build and maintain relationships while striving to help others to the extent possible.

He believed strongly in a leadership style that had a real impact on all.

At that time, the company had more than its fair share of turbulences and “difficulties,” and objectively speaking, things were not going very well.

But what impressed me about this meticulous person was the patience with which he made things right for everyone.

He distinguished out from the rest in his ability to list things clearly, aside from his willingness to stay with his juniors while the hardest part of the task was still being done (sometimes sacrificing his own time).

He took the blame when things did not go as planned because, as a true leader, he felt that accountability ended at his end.

His approach was quite impressive and has made a lasting impression on many of us.

He was usually the most popular choice for people to turn to.

He would make sure that everyone is working effectively and that management is happy.

He always wanted to help his teammates and protect them by staying with them, regardless of what happened.

Although the professional turns and changes we both underwent prevented us from working together for a longer period, He certainly made an impression that led to us staying in touch with one another ever since.

That’s how I got a mentor.

He remained my friend, philosopher, coach, mentor, and guru, and most of all, he was my adviser and my guide whenever I felt disoriented.

He always helped me in the best possible way when I was in doubt or in a very difficult situation, and I’ve had many situations of that nature.

He quickly earned my respect as a young engineer at the earliest stages of my career.

His encouragement, advice, and most importantly, his wise words of warning have always been helpful to me.

I’m glad I found out afterward that he had a big impact on a lot of people’s lives as well.

The adage that the greatest way of living one’s life is with a grateful attitude resonates with me.

It’s more logical to think about those who have significantly influenced you and made a difference when things were uncertain.

Please take the time to speak with them, communicate with them, or even express it in a piece of writing that you might want to publish publicly.

Every one of us can contribute to kindness and make the world a better place to live.



Prakashan B V(Founder:BVPRGJ Consultants)

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