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My sister-in-law is a gifted person who knows how to run the house with great care. But beyond that, she is much more passionate about her work than anyone else!

At that time we lived in a village, and the nearest bus stop she could get to work was about a kilometer away.

With domestic chores to do early in the morning and dragging “two children!” to school, she was a perfect example of good #timemanagement.

At that time, people in our village corrected their watch when they saw her walking to the bus stop.

She worked for the State Bank of India for close to 40 years and was at work with the same passion until the day she retired!

Her “loyalty” to the organization she joined was her best quality, and all of us in the family would like to emulate her.

She avoided conflict in the workplace, consistently showed kindness towards the elderly and the less fortunate, and even took special care of them at the workplace whenever possible.

She never took the easy path; instead, she embraced the obstacles, even if it meant facing the challenge and working a bit harder.

She has been sincere in her efforts and has always acted with #diplomacy.

She was never tired even though she was a mother of two and had to take care of a large family together.

She has always demonstrated excellent #leadership in family crises by managing things efficiently.

She even enjoyed #leading others, using all her capabilities to help everyone while keeping control of the situation as needed.

She never went out of her way to stand out or attract attention.

She maintained that getting the job done right and paying attention to every detail is all that matters.

She has to go through a lot, just like any other professional who has to manage several tasks

She has always managed to find a perfect balance between her rigorous professional life and an equally demanding personal life that comes with great responsibility

She had this gift from God to keep her life in balance and stood as a perfect example for balancing both professional and personal responsibilities.

{ Note: Earlier versions of this article appeared under the heading “7 Management Lessons I Learned from My S-I-L- “
* In reality, my sister-in-law is much more to me than an older sister. She is an ideal representation of #womanpower.
She is well-liked by everyone and serves as a positive role model for the rest of the family. She was of the opinion that she should never delegate her own obligations (such as caring for the elderly). She had a very demanding profession, but she still took such good care of my late mother, for which I am incredibly grateful. She retired on June 1st, 2018 after 40 years of meritorious and highly commended work.}

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