7 Tips That Will Help You Move Forward


Are you going to make the big leap and launch your own company, serve as the startup’s founder, or work as a freelance consultant?

If your response to the above question is “YES”, you may want to read the following information.

In my 10 years as an entrepreneur, I founded BVPRGJ CONSULTANTS and shared a variety of lessons I learned along the way. The right term would be “compelled to learn”! This is in continuation of my efforts to share my experiences.

#7 Tips That Will Help You Move Forward:-

1. Please put a lot of effort into establishing a highly relevant product, technical solution, or novel idea before you start your launch.

The proverb “A task well begun is half accomplished” is true in this situation.

2. The main objective should be value generation by effectively easing an existing problem.

Also, this implies that you are to a certain degree free of the need to compete with other companies for customers.

It costs a lot to get new customers.

3. You must conduct thorough research before moving on about all the aspects from all angles.

When I started, back then, I made the mistake of not carrying out a thorough search at the right time.

4. For optimal launch conditions, the startup should be as closely coordinated with the changing external environment as far as possible.

5. You would need to stay current and improve because the demands, the market’s composition, the nature of the market, and possibly a few other factors would have changed over time.

6. While attempting to exert control over favourable factors, plan the best strategy for battling uncertainty.

7. Last but not least, start with the bare minimum necessary, go to the most viable, and then you will be able to fulfill the impossible!

Best advice:

Please keep in mind that starting with a significant increase in the enhancement of operations would be a counterproductive approach.

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